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Chiltern Electrical Contractors are licensed and authorised by ELECSA to carry out electrical work in all dwellings in the UK. Below are a few of the most popular domestic requests which are catered for by our experienced and knowledgeable engineering staff.  If your job or requirement is not listed below please contact us. We also perform full service shower installation, underfloor heating, installation of telephones and telephone systems, home automation and heating control systems.


Whether you let a property to tenants or not, you must have the electrical system checked regularly as a pre-condition to your insurance.

If the fuseboard does not have a test date sticker or if the test date has expired you should contact us immediately to arrange for an inspection.

If you have an old style fuseboard you may want to consider changing it for a new RCD Board. These boards offer a higher level of protection against electric shock and can be installed in a single day.

In some instances, the work that you require will demand a change and all new sockets require RCD protection.

If you already have RCD protection at the fuseboard this can be a simple task. If not, there are several options available. 

Call us and tell us about your current installation and we will be happy to discuss these options with you.

All changes to the electrical system outside of the main dwelling must be notified to local authorities and protected by RCD. We are registered with ELECSA to carry out this work and authorised to certify all such installations. 

We can offer a wide range of security, convenience and effect lighting for the outside of your home. 





We can offer a range of solutions to protect your home. We are proud to be partners of Texecom, a proven and respected provider of home security systems. 

From simple installations to complex multi-building systems, we can offer a full service solutions to fit your budget.

Now installing the very latest Hard Drive recording technology teamed with your choice or HD low-light camera's, you can check the status of your property (inside and out) from almost anywhere in the world.

Using you smartphone, tablet or laptop, you can view your cameras and even get alerts if you wish.

We can install your TV onto a wall bracket, hide your cables in the wall or in discrete trunking to give that "floating" look. We can upgrade your tv distribution to allow use and control of your Sky package in every room of your home and install surround sound system and even put your existing lighting onto a mood arrangement to give you the full movie theatre experience.

With today's high demands on your Wi-Fi and the fast speeds demanded by HD TV's for catch-up and On-Demand programming many homeowners are looking to extend Cat5 cabling to the TV points. 

Cabling to home offices, outbuildings and loft conversions are the most popular demands for internet cabling.

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