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Additional Sockets for your home

Whether you are looking for an additional socket for your bedroom, for your garage or for the outside of your home we can help. Maybe you would like to add multiple sockets in your kitchen or study ? We can help with that too. It is worth noting that there are regulations which can restrict the installation of sockets in rooms with a bath or a shower. Ask our engineers for advice.

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Socket Style

Whether you want a straightforward replacement PVC socket or to upgrade to something a little more elaborate, we have a huge choice of styles, finishes and colours. 

If you are not sure please feel free to ask when you call. Generally speaking the finish of your socket will not usually make a difference t o the installation cost, it's usually only the socket itself which varies in cost.

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Socket Type

Sockets used outside must be sufficiently protected from the effects of weather and must have RCD protection. 

Weather protection is provided by the use of IP rated socket housings and RCD protection can be supplied at the fuseboard or in the actual socket.

Sockets in garages and workshops sometimes require better mechanical protection and so are often supplied as metal-clad units.

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Innovative Solutions

We have access to innovative solutions to help overcome a wealth of issues. Pull up sockets can come with 2 or 3 outlets and even with USB and Ethernet outlets !

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Home Automation

Nowadays, it is possible to get sockets that will link to a master control system allowing remote control from your PC, laptop or smartphone.

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