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Rewiring - Domestic and Commercial 

We always recommend that some customer planning is involved prior to carrying out any rewiring activity.​

Rewiring any home or business will require electrical outages, some will be complete outages. Total outages are usually confined to just a few hours but individual circuits can be out for many hours or even days. Some forethought about critical services in your business or home will help you to minimise disruption and to plan on works at a convenient time / date.

When considering replacement of the existing wiring, it is worth reviewing whether you have the necessary power outlets and lighting as this is the ideal time to make additions and/or alterations to bring your electrical systme right up to date. 


Rewiring can occasionally be a little messy too. Sometimes it will be necessary to disturb pasterwork, ceilings and or flooring. Your individual survey will identify all of the possiblities and options.


Generally, the best time to carry out rewiring is before you redecorate or renovate your home or office.

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