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Outside Lighting

Recent planning requirements throughout England and Wales now require that any electrical accessories installed outside of a main dwelling are notified to Local Authorities. Whilst this can be done via your local building control office it can be VERY costly (often more than the original installation would cost). As an ELECSA registered contractor, Chiltern Electrical Contractors can install and certify all work in a single visit.

When considering outside lighting you should first consider the main purpose of the change. If it is for security purposes we would recommend strong lighting which is triggered by a proximity sensor. For convenience lighting like driveway lights, porch lighting or patio lighting we would suggest a lower intensity light that can be manually switched on and off.

Effect lighting can be installed on fencing, in shrubberies, beneath trees or in a lawn and trained on features of your home. These would likely be switched manually or remotely on demand.

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Convenience Lighting​

Convenience lighting is lights arranged to allow you better visibility when using the area in everyday situations. It is usually controlled by simple switching but can be used with time controlled devices, with sensors or with remote control systems.

It normally offers a regular light level, similar to light levels inside the house and Its principle purpose is to allow safe use of entrance ways, exits, driveways, garages and other outbuildings

Security Lighting

Security lighting is usually a much higher intensity light which is designed illuminate large areas and is often mounted higher up to offer a bigger spread of the available light.

These lights are usually controlled by proximity sensors which have dawn to dusk operation combined with motion sensors. Often this can be over ridden by a separate switch for added convenience. They are often used to compliment CCTV installations and hence giving a better quality of picture even during the hours of darkness

Effect Lighting

Many people with sculptured or landscaped gardens, pools, ponds or patio areas like to install effect lighting to accentuate the best aspects of their outdoor space. In some instances the lighting level is lower than normal (or appears so) because the actual light source is hidden from sight, directed as walls, shrubs, garden ornaments or buildings to cast pools of light at specific areas.

Effect lighting is almost always manually controlled using a simple switch or multiple switches but can be used with timers or other remote control units.

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