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Security Alarm Systems

Chiltern Electrical has its own specialised security team who are experienced installers with access to a variety of solutions. We are proud to be associated with Texecom, a British company who manufacture and assemble security components here in the UK. The equipment is proven and reliable and whilst we are happy to consider the installation of other makes, we feel sure that this equipment will exceed your expectations.

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Quality & Reliability


We supply and install Texecom Security Systems.  As approved installers with this UK manufacturer we have access to a wide range of reliable systems and devices in their range. Local support means that we are able to deliver a trouble free installation and in the unlikely case that there is an issue we will be working with support teams in our own timezone and speaking our language.

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Some features ...


Both Premier and Ricochet systems offer outstanding flexibility to support the smallest to the very largest property.  Both options are highly configurable and have devices to cover all aspects of your home security, including diallers, protection for outbuildings, and multi-zone premises.

Access can be permitted by access code input or proximity tokens. You can have multiple entry/exit zones if required. 

Ricochet is a high quality wireless solution where devices communicate with each other as well as with the main unit. It is ideal if you do not want the disruption caused by wiring and especially useful in applications where there are long distances between protection zones or where normal wireless systems are restricted by thick walls or metal framing (which can inhibit wireless signals)

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