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Closed Circuit TV (CCTV)

Modern CCTV systems can offer excellent quality images and the ability to view those images when you are anywhere in the world. We install high quality systems with a built-in capability to feed full video imaging to the internet. This means that if you have a smartphone, tablet, laptop or access to a PC wherever you are you can tap in to what is happening in and around your home.

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Overt Installation

If you want potential invaders to know you are watching, then we would recommend that you choose a system which displays your capability. Our systems can be linked to your home or business alarm system as well as allowing access to live camera footage on your internet enabled mobile device.

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Discrete Installation

To compliment your external monitoring capability, we can install discrete units which are disguised as alarm sensors (and other familiar household items) to protect your family whilst you are at home as well as away. Covert cameras can be used to protect your small business from pilfering, shoplifting and even dishonest staff.

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Monitored Systems

We are able to offer monitored solutions through a number of partner businesses. This means you can have the quality installation you want AND the ongoing protection offered by our partners. Call and ask for more information.

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Fire and Smoke Detectors

We are able to integrate your fire and smoke protection with your intruder system to offer a single point of monitoring and control.

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