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Modern Fuseboards / Consumer Units​

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Do you NEED to update your fuseboard ?


One of the biggest issues faced within our industry is the way professionals interpret the regulations. Regulations are enforced to improve safety and apply all NEW work. When your old fuseboard was installed it was probably meeting the current requirements. 

If your fuseboard looks something like this, the most compelling reason to change it is to benefit from the new safety features (see below).

Some new work requires that RCD protection is provided on the newly installed parts, this mostly applies to fittings in bathrooms, new socket outlets and  electrical accessories fitted outside the property. Some local authorities also require that the regulations apply to new items in the kitchen. RCD protection CAN be provided without changing the fuseboard but for many projects it is more economical (and offers more protection) to install RCD protection at the main fuseboard.

If you are still in doubt, please call us to clarify your specific requirements.

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Safety on a Modern Fuseboard

Apart from the obvious convenience of resetting a switch when a circuit fails (instead of replacing the fiddly fusewire), the main advantage is improved safety.

The large majority of electric shock incidents in the home are caused by a person coming into contact with a single live wire or live part. The shock occurs because the some of the electrical current finds a path to earth through the human body and this interrupts the heart's rythmn, often resulting in death.

An RCD (Residual Current Device) monitors the amount of current leaving on the live wire and compares it with how much current is returning on the neutral wire. If some of the the current is leaking to earth (perhaps through a human body) it trips very quickly and disconnects the power supply. 

This means that people in a home equipped with RCD protection throughout are VERY well protected from electrocution in this way

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Still confused ?

If you still have questions please call us. We will try to help you understand what is best for your project an why. It is important to us that you understand all of your options and that you have sufficient understanding to make the right decision for your safety and your budget.

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