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At Chiltern Electrical we try to be as transparent as we can about the way we price all of the work we carry out for customers. We will always try to offer an estimate for the work.  Most estimates will have prices for parts and/or labour. When we are supplying parts for the jobs we can often provide a fixed quote which, providing that the scope of work remains unchanged, we will stick to. Where customers require labour only (supplying own parts) we will usually estimate the number of manhours required to perform the work. In the event that parts are unsuitable, poorly fitting or have missing items, the estimate will often be inaccurate and additional costs may be be incurred.

We are sometimes able to negotiate hourly and daily labour rates for projects and/or work with a minimum monthly commitment by a Customer. The amount of discount often varies by the level of commitment and will only apply where agreed minimums are met. Where agreed levels of business are not met, the regular prevailing rate is applied by default.

No rate negotiations are entered into AFTER work has be agreed or carried out.


We will usually invoice within 7 days and often immediately after completion. Invoice terms vary and will show on your invoice. New customers will often have a standard 7 day payment term. More regular customers are more likely to be offered a 2 week payment term. Longer terms can be negotiated from time to time but it is important for our customers to understand that we operate a very strict payment policy and that we subscribe to Dun & Bradstreet Credit Essentials Service which enables us to contribute to the credit reference service. This helps to reduce our costs and offer better value to customers who settle accounts on time. We provide payment and defaulted payment information to credit reference agencies and so settlement of your invoice within the invoice terms is important to your credit rating.


We can accept payment via BACS (Electronic Bank Transfer), Cheque or cash. We do not offer discounts for cash payments as all payments are processed through company accounting processes in line with HMRC requirements.

We understand that sometimes our bill can arrive at a difficult time. We always advise our customers to advise of any likely constraints BEFORE the work is carried out. This way it is possible to avoid a situation where work is carried out and payment demanded is delayed without prior warning. We always advise our customers to contact us immediately on receipt of the invoice if the demanded sum cannot be settled within the invoice terms. Where materials have been supplied these MUST be settled within the invoice term.  We will usually require at least 50% of any labour charge within the term and the remainder on agreement of an extended term. Payment within this extended term MUST be made as agreed to avoid additional administration fees and interest being charged.

  • Administration Fee for late payment - 5% of total invoice value. Becomes due the day after payment term.

  • Interest Charged at 1% of the total invoice for every week that that invoice remains unpaid. The invoice is considered to be unpaid until FULL settlement is received.

  • Recovery Fee - Where the total amount of late payment fees and interest reaches or exceeds 10% of the total invoice we will levy a legal processing fee to cover the cost of recovery through our nominated debt recovery agent. This fee varies from time to time and will be advised in your "Notice Before Action" along with any outstanding late payment fees.

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